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It' s All About Giving Chances

It's All About Giving Chances is a short story about two individuals, Riya, and Sam.

They are bound by their parents in an arranged marriage.

Their lives and views are different, and they have their ups and downs in their newly married life until they realize that they are the ones that they always wanted for each other.

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The Evasion


My Life was simple. College, real life friends, online friends, sports, other extra and co-curricular activities, a loving father and a scolding mother.

Suddenly, one day, my life is flipped. There is a serial killer on my back, who has already killed my friend and a few other girls from my college.

I can’t let myself get killed.

I need to Escape…I have to survive.

Join the journey of Pooja in the Indian crime thriller with an unexpected twist that leads to self evaluation and awareness.

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